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Aim and mission
The theme group B&T focuses on 'Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology' (SMET). It is part of the division 'Domain specific aspects of Education' (DSO) of the  'Netherlands Educational Research Association' (NERA: in Dutch VOR). It was installed during the  general assembly at the Mei 2009 annual NERA conference the so called 'Onderwijs Research Dagen'. The aims of the theme group B&T are :

• to facilitative research research of education in the SMET domain,
• to strengthen the relations between research and practice concerning education in the SMET domain,
• to create a broad platform for researchers belonging to various traditions/schools active in researching SMET education, and
• to help strengthen the (inter)national position of Dutch and Flemish educational research in the SMET domain.

We hold a broad view of the subjects covered in 'SMET' also embracing information science. The theme group is seeks to actively refer her work to the position of SMET and SMET-education  in society, the difficulty of the programs and the low appreciation of SMET amongst students  in particular.

dr. R. (Ruurd) Taconis, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (chair)
mw. dr. F.P. (Pauline) Vos, Universiteit van Amsterdam (secr.)
prof. dr. M.J. de Vries, Technische Universiteit Delft (tresurer
also see: bestuur

More information (in Dutch)
Website B&T (informatie, agenda, leden, nieuwsbrieven, etc.)
Dr. Ruurd Taconis
ESoE Eindhoven School of Education
Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
Postbus 513
5600 MB Eindhoven
email: r.taconis@tue.nl


Wintersymposium 7 januari 2011,  12:30h - 17:30h

Werkconferentie "Methodologische dilemma’s bij
onderzoek van bčta- en techniekonderwijs"

De Uithof Utrecht